Show your Mobility Equipment the love!

Show your Mobility Equipment the love!

For most of us, our mobility equipment gives us great service and support and helps us maintain independence and increase confidence. 

But in turn, we sometimes need to do the odd bit of maintenance and care for our own equipment and show it the love it deserves! 

This might look like buying the occasional spare part or even accessorising your existing mobility equipment to increase its functionality and benefits. 

The good news is that there are a plethora of parts and spares available at low cost and they are generally fairly easy to fit with minimal instructions or assistance required.

For mobility scooter riders, Mobility Scooter Batteries are an essential piece of kit and as with all batteries, from time to time you may need a replacement for your mobility scooter to maintain its range and power. 

At Mobility Smart, we supply hundreds of batteries every week, so we’re well placed to understand what batteries mean to our customers and to respond with the right types and brands at the right prices.

This is particularly apt for those customers who love to travel and don’t want to be let down by a simple battery when they are out and about. We advise in many areas of battery care and selecting the right batteries, through to travelling with lithium powered scooters and wheelchairs so that you can be properly informed and equipped for your travel plans. 

Batteries are just the start of the wide range of mobility scooter parts we supply, so hopefully, we make taking care of your mobility scooter easier as you can easily search for the parts you need as and when required.

We know it’s often the little things that go on your mobility scooter, and that sometimes these little bits and pieces can be hard to source, so we constantly evaluate the in-demand parts and add to our range which is almost 800 mobility scooter parts today!

Mobility scooter and wheelchair tyres and tubes is another area where our customers sometimes struggle with other suppliers. Of course, to maintain grip and comfort, good tyres are essential and ensuring replacement on time is important from both a safety and handling perspective.

At Mobility Smart, we’ve really listened to our customers to try to provide tyre and tube solutions that meet today’s rigorous requirements and we have a range that is now second to none in the UK. 

As well as this, we can also advise on the best tyre, makes and models so that you get your order right first time.

Mobility parts and spares encompass many other areas, such as spares for patient handling equipment, riser recliners and wheelchair parts being some of our most popular categories. 

Our versatile parts finder service can help you find the part you need whilst you’re online, simply fill out a few details and we’ll be right back to you with parts options and prices.

Showing your mobility equipment the love, doesn’t have to be difficult, so let us know how we can help and as ever, enjoy your parts shopping experience with Mobility Smart.  



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