Should I use a riser / recliner chair?

Should I use a riser / recliner chair?
Should I use a riser / recliner chair?

Should I use a riser / recliner chair?

The joints in our hips or lower limbs can show signs of wear and tear from our late thirties onwards, for some even earlier in life. 

It can show in those seemingly everyday activities, like stooping to pick up a dropped TV remote, or lowering down to sit on a chair or sofa. 

The symptoms are usually an experience of dull aching, or a sharp pain in the joints as they pass through a certain point of motion.

This can be bearable and with some adjustments, it can be something that many of us learn to cope with by using other muscles, or simply brace and feel the pain.

Riser Recliner Chairs can alleviate much of the pain or discomfort in the home or professional setting, through giving the user of the chair a higher point of entry, i.e. not having to bend down as far.

This certainly can help, if the pain particularly in the knees or hips is triggered at a certain point of bending in the action of lowering to a traditional fixed position chair.

Similarly, upon wanting to rise from the chair, a riser recliner allows you to lift the chair, usually via a remote control, to a higher position that allows for less strain on the joints and skeletal system overall.

The answer to whether to use a riser recliner really should be based on what level of discomfort you are willing to put up with, and whether you feel your balance and safety are potentially being compromised in your existing seating arrangement.

Of course, there was a time when just the look of a riser recliner chair would have put many people off, with the older models looking like something straight out of a nursing home. But these days style, décor and fashion tastes have well and truly caught up with riser recliner chairs. 

Today’s models of riser recliners are a much different proposition to those of a few years ago.

Nowadays both the design and build quality are completely different, with the chairs being both more compact and lightweight, as well as being loaded with technology and ergonomic features. 

The motion of the riser recliner is usually achieved through the use of an attached handset, that allows whisper quiet operation of the motorised unit. 

Some riser recliner chairs are single motor, which is perfectly adequate for most people’s range of motion requirements, others being dual motor models that allow for a greater range of motion options for the chair or individual parts of the chair to be adjusted.


What health conditions are riser recliners good for?

Of course sometimes it’s not a condition as such that may warrant the use of a riser recliner chair, but in general there are a number of medical conditions that a riser recliner can particularly help with. 

These include Multiple Sclerosis, Arthritis, Rheumatism and some circulation problems, to name but a few. 

But you don’t necessarily need to be suffering from a specific medical or health condition to benefit from the many features and benefits of a riser recliner chair.

Some people love to have the additional comfort and luxury of being able to adjust their favourite chair to just how they like to be - and everybody has different tastes when it comes to comfortable seating.

Others like to have that little extra confidence and peace of mind that they can both loser and rise from their chair without discomfort or having to psyche themselves up to making a huge effort to stand up after sitting for a longer period.


Will a riser recliner match my décor?

The great news is that the unequivocal answer is yes! Modern riser recliners come in a wide range of finishes, designs and colour ways with matching your interior décor a high priority for designers.

So whether your taste is traditional or minimalist, whether you have a love of brighter tones, or you’re strictly shades of white and no fuss, there will be a deign that fits the bill for you.

Coverings of riser recliner chairs also vary greatly with leather being a very popular choice for a touch of luxury and the lovely feel next to the skin, also as it fits effortlessly into a wide range of interior styles. 

In fact, for visiting friends and relatives, they will have very little idea that your beautiful new chair is actually a riser recliner until you proudly demonstrate with your remote! 


More info on riser recliners?

We really hope that you will consider the many benefits of a riser recliner chair. If you would like to take the opportunity to explore all the options further, take a look at the dedicated section of our website here.

You’ll find so much valuable information to help you get all the facts you need and compare different models and price points.

At Mobility Smart, we have your comfort and wellbeing in mind, so if you want to see and try a riser recliner chair in person, why not visit us at our Garstang Discount Warehouse where we can show you first hand how the riser recliner works, a free Test Drive with no obligation and all of your questions answered by our friendly and expert team. Click here for directions and call us on 0800 567 7222 if you have any questions.

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