Protecting you and your gear in stormy weather

Protecting you and your gear in stormy weather
Protecting you and your gear in stormy weather

With storm Ciara currently wreaking havoc across the UK, it struck us as an appropriate time to look at weather protection and how you can best look after both yourself and your mobility equipment when the weather is not at its best.

There’s no doubt that being cold, wet (or both) when using a mobility scooter or wheelchair can really put a dampener on things (excuse the pun) but seriously, it can take the enjoyment out of venturing out of the house if the threat of a downpour, or cold spell, is going to lead to discomfort and you choosing to stay indoors.

Yet with so many products to keep out the elements, it’s actually quite easy to ensure you’re sheltered and warm at a low cost, as there are many products dedicated to protecting you and your gear from inclement weather conditions.

Our wheelchair leg cape cover is just the thing for keeping your lower limbs warm and dry in wintery conditions. This strong and durable cover positions over the legs, the elasticated bottom fits neatly around the footplates in seconds so you can allow the heavy duty fabric to keep out draughts and chills when you leave your home.

One of the most common areas of complaint for scooter users is cold hands and with the hands being exposed to the biting wind, rain and low temperatures at this time of year, there’s no wonder.

Our Economy Mobility Scooter Tiller Cover puts the weather firmly in its place with great hand protection whilst still allowing for full control of your scooter’s controls while your hands remain toasty warm and wind protected on your outings.

Designed to fit the majority of Mobility Scooters, the Mobility Scooter Tiller Cover simply slips over the control panel to prevent the ingress of rain. It also features a clear panel top so that you are still able to easily see the controls.

Our ever popular wheelchair blanket has a comfortable and warm fleece lining, meaning that you can keep the cold at bay on outings and shopping trips. This versatile wheelchair blanket will fit all wheelchairs with a width of up to 460mm.

Additionally, our patented tri-panel construction eliminates the risk of the blanket getting caught in the wheels of your wheelchair.

Featured in an attractive check design, you’ll not only feel amazingly warm, you’ll also look the part as well! ideal for outings, concerts, festivals, travel and just for sitting out in the garden at home.

Our Wheelchair/Scooter Leg Wrap is very versatile and as the name suggests is equally suited to your mobility scooter, or your wheelchair. With an open back design, it ensures that this leg wrap can be put on and removed with ease and only taking seconds.

When in place, winter chills, draughts and wet are kept safely at bay leaving you feeling warm and comfortable, even for extended periods. The outer shell of our Wheelchair/Scooter Leg Wrap is fully waterproof and lined with a luxurious fleece for total comfort and relaxation.

Keeping you warm and protected is one thing, but what about your mobility scooter. There are many times where your scooter needs to be stored outdoors in bad weather conditions and to avoid corrosion and water ingress, a good waterproof cover that will stay in place in the elements is essential.

An example of one of our many mobility scooter covers is the Shaped Lightweight Mobility Scooter Cover in burgundy this large sized cover fits easily over most mobility scooter models, but please ensure you check the dimensions on our page for a good fit.

In an attractive burgundy colour, in robustly manufactured waterproof material, this cover secures firmly to your mobility scooter in a matter of seconds and when in place affords total protection from rain, wind and freezing conditions. Keeping your gear safe and dry.

So there you have a few ideas to keep you warm and dry when out and about on your mobility scooter or wheelchair. To take a peek at more of our innovative and stylish accessories, check out our range for mobility scooters and here for wheelchair accessories.

Take care whilst the stormy weather is with us and always take sensible precautions if you are venturing out, hopefully we’ve given you some good ideas to help you keep warm and dry!

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