Preparing your feet for Spring outings

Preparing your feet for Spring outings
Preparing your feet for Spring outings

Preparing your feet for Spring outings

Our feet are often the last things we think about when it comes to enjoying the outdoors, yet neglected feet can cause stress and discomfort, especially when you are naturally doing more walking in the Spring months, so it naturally makes sense to take care of your feet.

The good news is that when it comes to foot care and good foot health, there are a plethora of great products that can help you feel more comfortable in your day-to-day life and help you get the most out of walking - even if it’s just for shorter distances.

The causes of foot pain and general discomfort can be numerous and we cannot cover all of the causes of foot pain in this short article, but suffice it to say that many of the most common causes of foot pain, injury recuperation and general care are covered in the wide range of products available today.

For many people, circulation in the feet can be a concern, especially if there has been a previous DVT, or underlying injury that has compromised the circulation in the lower limbs. 

To aid circulation and decrease the risk of blood clots in the lower limbs that can potentially go on to cause much more serious health conditions, compression stockings are a great idea and nowadays, they come in many styles and types, so you can find a fit that’s just right for you. Take a look at some of our most popular compression hosiery here

We also stock a wide range of gentle grip diabetic socks, that provide natural feeling support whilst being breathable and hardwearing for everyday use, just like regular socks, but supporting the needs of those diabetes conditions. 

If you love the feeling of comfort and grip for your feet when you’re indoors, maybe after coming home from a walk or shopping trip, then what better way to treat your feet than with our double grip slipper socks? These beautiful socks are a great alternative to normal slippers and provide the user with much greater grip on all types of surfaces in the home, take a look at our slipper socks here This is our popular purple colour, we also have many other styles and colours.

If you love walking, maybe seeing local attractions or travelling further afield, it’s not worth the risk of suffering foot discomfort when it’s so easy to alleviate symptoms of existing conditions or preventing new ones. 

Our top branded insoles and heel pads make walking a joy and soft gels ensure it feels like you are walking on air, in your normal shoes so you can walk further and enjoy the experience of your outings without getting niggling discomfort in your feet.

Our range comes from top brands such as Sorbothane and Aidapt, that offer the highest quality support for all shoe sizes, adaptable for training shoes, walking boots or your normal everyday footwear.

If you suffer from bunions, then we know that you need extra protection against knocks, friction and sweat. Our range of bunion protectors has many types and sizes to help you alleviate the symptoms of your specific requirements.

Although bunions can be painful, with the right support in place, there should be no reason why you cannot enjoy Spring walks or outings without your condition causing too much discomfort. 

No article about the feet would be complete without considering the toes. We all know that painful or irritated toes, or toes recovering from breaks or general strains can be painful and really out you off venturing out too far. 

Again, with the right support given by our vast range of toe care products you will find that we have many support products to help you keep your toes supported and pain-free, or at the very least, reducing irritation and pain to a minimum so you can enjoy your Spring days out without too much toe related stress. 

Antibacterial digital caps are a great idea for giving toes the additional space and protection from the friction of neighbouring toes, they simply slip over the affected to and can be great for reducing the irritation for many toe-related conditions, see an example from our wide range here

We hope you make the most of the Spring months and that you’ve found the guidance and product suggestions useful.

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