PIP Reassessments and Decision Appeals

PIP Reassessments and Decision Appeals
PIP Reassessments and Decision Appeals

It was recently reported by Access and Mobility professional that more than 100,000 DLA claimants have lost Motability vehicles following their PIP reassessment.

In this blog post, we’ll look at some of the best sources of information to help you with your PIP claim and how to appeal if you think that your award has been unfair. There are many resources on this subject, so we have summarised some of the best to help you make the right choices and take early action.

Motability recently reported that “Just under 102,000 customers have had unsuccessful assessments; the failure rate remains at around 35%. The DWP still expects to finish reassessments for PIP by March 2020.”

This has caused obvious distress to many people who feel that they have been unfairly assessed and do not agree with the results of their reassessments.

Advice Now have a very informative free guide, you can download directly from their site This guide covers all of the most important areas to consider, with a very easy to follow step by step set of instructions. The also have a PIP Mandatory Reconsideration Request Letter Tool to help you plan your appeal and make it easier for you to ask the DWP to look again at their decision about your claim for Personal Independence Payment. 

Scope’s Forum is also a good source of information, where you can ask specific questions within the forum, as per this example we found on the subject, read here You can see that other forum members give a good level of support and feedback, please note that you’ll need to sign up to be able to post on the forum, but this is only a short process.

Age UK have a comprehensive guide on PIP, you can download directly here this is good for general information about your PIP, including a short section on reassessment.

For specific information on challenging a PIP decision, Citizen’s Advice have a helpful page on making your appeal and state, “The latest government statistics show that more than half of PIP decisions are changed after mandatory reconsideration or an appeal to a tribunal, so do challenge the decision if you think it’s wrong. It won’t cost you anything to appeal.”

The page includes the DWP’s CRMR1 mandatory reconsideration request form, you can download this directly here

We hope that you have found this article helpful in your search for resources and that you find you can access the help you need in your PIP assessment or appealing your reassessment.

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