Let’s celebrate Mothers everywhere!

Let’s celebrate Mothers everywhere!
Let’s celebrate Mothers everywhere!

As most of our customer’s know, we celebrate Mother’s Day with our annual sale, where we strive to offer savings to enable the purchase of useful gifts for mothers, but also it’s a period of savings for anyone wanting the opportunity to get great deals across our ranges.

It could be a gift to your mum, or a gift to yourself, perhaps to remember a mum who is no longer with us. Whatever your reason to celebrate or remember, we have the right kind of products, all of which can make life easier and more enjoyable for you or a loved one.

As the nights are getting lighter and longer, you may be thinking about getting out and about a little more and enjoying the fresh air. At Mobility Smart, we can help you enjoy the freedom of getting outdoors and enable comfort, safety and peace of mind with products that help you both in or around your home, or when you decide to venture further afield.

We love receiving the feedback of how your purchases have contributed to making someone’s life a little easier, or by showing you care enough to get something they can actually use and benefit from, rather than simply being ornamental.

Thanks for choosing Mobility Smart, and of course, thanks to our mothers everywhere at this special time. We hope you enjoy being made a fuss of, and don’t forget to treat yourself too, you really do deserve it!


The Mobility Smart Team


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