​Lightweight Folding Wheelchairs - For Easy Transportation, Storage & Improved Convenience

​Lightweight Folding Wheelchairs - For Easy Transportation, Storage & Improved Convenience

Lightweight folding wheelchairs have their own set of benefits, and are, in most cases, better than their standard, rigid frame counterparts. However, the decision of choosing one over the other would depend entirely on your specific needs. To begin with, lightweight folding wheelchairs offer improved maneuverability, especially on surfaces that are not as smooth.

A folding/foldable wheelchair is more flexible, negotiates different terrains well, and minimizes instances of accidents from sliding. Though they are a little more expensive as compared to standard wheelchairs, folding wheelchairs offers convenience and comfort of the highest order and are worth every dollar spent.

The biggest advantage of buying a lightweight folding chair is the ease of transportation. They can be easily folded and occupy much less space in this position. So, you will have no problems in transporting or storing them. They can be conveniently carried inside the trunk of your vehicle or kept inside the storeroom or small closet inside your home. Folding and unfolding are simple - you don’t need to disassemble the wheelchair completely. On the other hand, standard wheelchairs can’t be disassembled, and thus require a larger vehicle for transportation.

Folding wheelchairs are suitable for homes with limited storage space. And unlike rig frame wheelchairs, foot placements on folding wheelchairs are adjustable, which accounts for added comfort.

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