Our Spring Bank Holiday Sale is right up your street!

Our Spring Bank Holiday Sale is right up your street!

That's right, it's right up your street because we have deals in store fit for every home on every street, right across the UK. 

If you're new to MobilitySmart, then our legendary sales are the perfect opportunity for you to stock up on all the essentials, or to make that larger purchase you've been promising yourself.

It's a great way to make amazing savings on top of our already very competitive prices, so why not take a look and see what takes your fancy?

The weather has been a lot better in recent weeks and we have seen that many of you are looking for simple solutions to make your outdoor leisure time easier and more enjoyable.

Our philosophy at MobilitySmart, is to make the best of what you have, which means simply that if you have any aspect of your life that is niggling you and making your enjoyment less than it could be, then why not see which of our products could help you?

Sometimes even the smallest Daily Living Aid or mobility device can have the biggest impact on your life and make things so much easier.

This doesn't only apply to being in your home or enjoying your garden, many of our customers are seasoned international travellers and love to get out of the country and explore what's out there.

Being prepared for any mobility issues that may arise is all part of the travel planning process and we have so many products that can help in our Travel Essentials range.

Even if staying and enjoying your home and garden is more your thing, we have so many innovations and ideas to help you live your best possible life. 

Sometimes, it's the little stumbling blocks that take the enjoyment out of everyday life, like not being able to read fine print, not being able to open a tight jar lid or bottle top, struggling to reach to weed a flower bed... 

...The list is endless, but fortunately, so are the number of accompanying products that can alleviate all of these problems and many more.

On a sidenote, we have been overwhelmed with your lovely reviews on TrustPilot, Google and Facebook, so a massive THANKS to you all for your lovely feedback!

It means the world to us that you are happy and that we are making such a positive difference to your life or those of a close family member or friend.

Thanks again so much for being part of our valued online community and please make the most of this beautiful Bank Holiday Weekend! 


The Mobility Smart team


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