Getting through the colder weather

Getting through the colder weather

As it gets colder during the winter months, there is no doubt that it can take its toll on our joints, and this combined with the potential for injury due to falls on ice and snow can make it an unwelcome time for many.

But there is help at hand and many aids that can help us to get through the colder months and see us in good shape for when things start to warm up in early Spring. Here are a few ideas to help out and get you through the colder months in style and even make them enjoyable for you. 

Firstly, when walking on snow and ice, it can be a bit unnerving to lose footing and slip and also have potential to cause serious injury. Sometimes existing footwear, even if its walking boots or wellies with good grips are not enough to prevent losing grip on slippery and uneven surfaces.

That’s when a useful aid can come in handy, such as the Magic Spiker Shoe Spikes which can be a valuable addition to any footwear that’s intended for use over ice or snow.

These innovative shoe spikes simply slip on securely over existing footwear and the spikes get a very strong purchase on the ice or snow preventing the user from slipping and falling.

Not only designed for hikers and walkers, this handy addition can be used by anybody and within seconds they can give you that additional grip and security that you can now walk with safety and without concern.

For many people, it can be discouraging to go out into the cold weather as it quickly makes the hands cold and the sensation can for many be painful and actually make it hard to feel the hands and to use them normally when the joints and fingers become too cold.

Sometimes gloves are simply not enough to stave off the cold and another method of warming is needed.

That’s when hand warmers can be a great idea. Hotteeze Hand Warmers are supplied as 10 individually wrapped hand warmers and are great at keeping the hands warm and toasty, either just being held in the hands, or tucked into gloves or pockets. 

Hotteeze Hand Warmers are extremely easy to use and can provide up to 10 hours of heat, as well as being very practical, these hand warmers are also completely safe and portable to be kept in a bag, pocket or handbag ready for immediate use when required.

In fact Hotteeze Hand Warmers are so effective in use that they have been Endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association for their effectiveness and ease of use.

For wheelchair users, its more important than ever to make sure that body temperature is maintained and yet this can be difficult when being in outdoor colder climates and because of being in a relatively static position, body warmth can easily be compromised if the duration of exposure to the cold is too long.

The good news is that this can easily be prevented by use of the long Wheelchair Cosy. This innovative and effective cosy allows the temperature to be effectively locked in and enables the user to remain in warmth and comfort even in extended periods of exposure to cold weather.

The long Wheelchair Cosy is fleece lined and fully waterproof so keeping the user warm and completely dry. It will easily fit most attendant propelled wheelchairs and is very easy to fit.

The long length ensures that warmth is maintained in the full length of the legs of the user and the zip fitting is fast and easy to use allowing for quick removal of the wheelchair cosy when not required.

The long wheelchair cosy is also breathable so the discomfort of trapped body moisture is not a problem and being machine washable, it’s supremely easy to keep clean and hygienic.

So we hope you have enjoyed reading about just a few of the ideas we have for keeping you warm and safe in the winter months, don’t forget that these are just a very small example of the huge numbers or products aimed at keeping you warm, safe and dry in the colder weather. 

Check out our range of Winter Essentials to see many more innovative products to help you get though those winter months in style!

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