Flexyfoot Ferrules - A sure-footed option

Flexyfoot Ferrules - A sure-footed option
Flexyfoot Ferrules - A sure-footed option

Flexyfoot is a revolutionary walking aid that is, quite literally, taking the world by storm, but what makes this product such a must-have for those who have a love of walking in the outdoors, or who need that extra support for balance and coordination?

Flexyfoot ferrules could be described as like ‘four wheel drive’ for your walking stick, with added traction control to boot!

The innovative ferrule has an uncanny grip across virtually all surfaces and many users simply state you must ‘try it to believe it’ which it seems that most of the enthusiastic users have definitely done so.

The innovative and unique Flexyfoot High Performance Ferrule was designed and developed in the UK, and since its launch has received rave reviews from users not just in the UK, but worldwide.

The Flexyfoot shock absorbing ferrule works by making a better, surer contact with the floor surface, whilst radically reducing the shock felt by the user up the stick or cane.

This contributes greatly to enhancing user comfort and safety and especially when used in areas of hard surfaces such as pavements and tiled shopping areas.

The hard-wearing ferrule tips are also very at home in outdoor terrains, so making the ferrule tip a big favourite for alpine walkers who are perfectly fit and healthy, but enjoy the extra traction and support the Flexyfoot gives.

Flexyfoot provides 50% more grip and traction than a traditional rubber ferrule.

It’s unique design features bellows, that greatly reduce pain and discomfort in the upper body by absorbing shock and impact when the ferrule is placed on the ground.

As the accompanying image shows, the Flexyfoot is particularly adept at gripping on surfaces and terrains where there are uneven, unstable surfaces, having more general contact with the ground gives the user greater confidence that the still can remain in place even against harsh gradients and multiple surface types.

Moving on to the base of the Flexyfoot ferrule, the grip is akin to that of a high end walking boot, in that there are deep treads, like those on an off-road tyre, that adhere firmly even on muddy or crumbly surfaces, where an ordinary walking stick ferrule would fail and slide.

This additional feature common to all Flexyfoot ferrules means additional peace of mind and safety for the user, wherever the walk is taking place, both security and safety are enhanced, ultimately making for a more enjoyable outing.

Flexyfoot ferrules come in multiple size options with diameters from 16mm, right up to 25mm, so are compatible with the vast majority of walking sticks and frames on the market today.

But the Flexyfoot range does not just stop at shock absorbing walking stick ferrules, there is much more to the growing range, with products expanding into walking sticks themselves.

The Flexyfoot walking sticks range has attractive and innovative designs that incorporate state-of-the-art technology, and the lightest materials on the market, that combine highest tensile strengths with ease of use and all this losing nothing in aesthetic appeal to modern design tastes.

All of the Flexyfoot shock absorbing walking sticks have the Flexyfoot ferrule attached making them unbeatable for support, safety and endurance for daily or sporting use.

The range includes folding and telescopic walking sticks for total support, whatever the preferred model and usage requirement.

The Flexyfoot range is completed by Flexyfoot Crutches (not to mention a very wide range of spares and accessories.

The Flexyfoot shock absorbing crutches make recuperating from injury both easier and faster, as well as being less mentally stressful.

For those with a disability requiring the use of crutches, the Flexyfoot crutches range has been designed with long-term daily use in mind, so although the crutches are both lightweight and compact, they afford extreme strength and robust features that make them a natural choice for more active users who don’t want to be held back.

If you would like to read more about the amazing Flexyfoot shock absorbing ferrule range, we have a very informative website page here, where you can find out more on each of the products and place orders online for fast UK wide delivery.

We will keep you up to date with the fast paced development of the Flexyfoot family of products, so check here again soon and we’ll bring you more product updates and availability.

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