Appreciating and Thanking Dad’s Everywhere, it’s our Father’s Day Sale, NOW ON!

Appreciating and Thanking Dad’s Everywhere, it’s our Father’s Day Sale, NOW ON!

Our Father’s Day Sale is now on and we have pulled out all the stops to make it an opportunity to buy a special gift to show how much you care, or maybe a little something for yourself!

There’s so much covered in our sale, more products and categories than ever before, so you are sure to be able to find something that’s just right!

With sunnier weather and longer days ahead you may be thinking of venturing out on shopping trips or travelling further afield.

At MobilitySmart, we have you fully covered, with so many aids that can help you enjoy the mobility you have and give you additional comfort and the ability to stay out longer and travel greater distances.

Our newly revamped website is faster and easier to use than ever before allowing you to search and easily compare products and features that help you to make the best choice that’s right for your individual needs.

Our Daily Living Aids are able to help in so many ways around the home or garden, or when you are travelling.

Sometimes, it’s those little tasks that get in the way of otherwise enjoyable experiences, like not being able to open a jar, not being able to reach upwards to higher items, struggling to take care of your garden, these are all ways in which we can help you.

If you feel like just getting around is becoming harder than it used to be then we have a plethora of walking aids ranging from simple sticks and canes, right up to the most sophisticated mobility scooters, easily folding for your ease and convenience.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our avid reviewers, you are really helping us to spread the word about our products and services so a big THANK YOU and keep them coming!

All that remains is to wish all our amazing Dads out there a heartfelt thanks for everything you do, and also sending love to those who are remembering Dad’s no longer with us, you are in our thoughts very much.

Thanks for choosing to shop with us and being part of our valued online community.


The Mobility Smart team


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