Easy steps to making bath-time safer…

Easy steps to making bath-time safer…
Easy steps to making bath-time safer…

With all the water, combined with hard, unforgiving surfaces it’s no wonder that the bathroom is one of the home’s accident hot-spots.

Bath mats are a great idea to turn the tables on slippery surfaces, making the bathroom much safer, after all, why should keeping clean and hygienic involve risking your safety?

We’ll take a look at some the bath mats on the market and how they can ultimately make bath-time (or a nice shower) a more comfortable experience.

Although you can spend more on a bath mat, or shower mat, actually the basic models are very effective. 

A good example of this in practice, is the Economy Bath Mat, this mat is very effective in increasing foot grip on hard surfaces, such as are found in the bathroom, such as the base of the bath, or the surface of the shower tray.

This bath mat, is manufactured using quality, high grade rubber to help improve bathroom safety. 

The design of this bath mat’s 'basket weave' surface is grippy, so provides excellent traction under foot for the user, greatly reducing the risk of any slips or falls.

large suckers that are in position on the underside of the bath mat, ensure the Economy Bath Mat securely grips to the base of the bath.

This bath mat also features a large number of drainage holes, these allow water to rapidly drain off the surface, so making it more grippy to the soles of the feet in the bath or shower.

What if you have a corner shower?

If you have a corner shower, there is still a very good solution to make showering easier and safer. 

The Corner Shower Mat is a great solution, as it is ideally shaped for use in corner showers, this can greatly reduce the risk of slips and falls in the shower, especially in the smaller corner shower, where soaps, shampoos or conditioners can easily make the base very slippy.

Just as with the economy bath mat, the corner shower mat fits neatly in position, via suckers on its base that adhere simply and easily to the base of the shower. 

These effective suckers will give great grip on a variety of surfaces, yet are easily removed should you wish to clean or re-position.

Another great feature of this corner shower mat, is that corners have been cleverly sculpted to allow the mat to fit a variety of drain hole positions.

Going a little higher up in price, yet representing great value, is the Antimicrobial Slip Resistant Shower Mat

These mats are great if you want the reassurance that an antimicrobial surface can provide. 

This innovative bath mat has Silver Technology and has been independently tested to the new Slip Resistant standard BS8445:2012 and achieved Level 1 of slip resistance.

Made from PER® (Polymer Environmental Resin) this shower mat is OEKO-TEX Standard 100, Non Toxic (contains no heavy metals, Phenols or Phthalates), and is rubber and latex free. 

State of the art, Silver technology, is now being widely used as an additive in the manufacturing of materials, for its antimicrobial qualities.

With all its technology and innovative features, this mat still equally measures up on comfort and durability, having a nice feel under the foot, that is also very reassuring in maintaining good balance and posture.

Finally, what if you don’t want a bath mat, but you want to increase safety whilst maintaining the aesthetics of your bathroom furniture? 

Tenura Anti-Slip Discs may be the answer. 

These discs simply attach to the base of the bath or shower tray and give extra grip to the existing surfaces, allowing the foot to grip on to the textured surface so greatly increasing safety. 

These aqua safe, anti-slip stickers, can be applied in any pattern you desire, allowing for a little extra personalisation to your own personal tastes.

The discs are also non-abrasive, which means they will not irritate bare skin, but will grip exceptionally well so ensuring better balance and coordination when using the shower.

If you’d like to find out more about our huge range of bath mats, take a look at our bath and shower mats category page where you’ll find many more affordable options to make your bathroom or shower safer.

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