Daily living aids for easier food prep

Daily living aids for easier food prep
Daily living aids for easier food prep

Food preparation and cooking can be an enjoyable activity, and with the festive season approaching it’s a great time to brush off the old recipes and get cooking and baking.

If you struggle with certain aspects of cooking and particularly food preparation, the slicing, dicing and chopping of vegetables through to simply getting an awkward lid off a jar, then there is help literally at hand!

With a few helpful aids here and there, it can really help you make cooking and baking easier, and actually a lot more enjoyable as the harder tasks are made that much easier by having the right gadgets and aids available to help.

One such device is the Multi-Use Tin Opener, this handy little tool will be your ‘go-to’ time and time again, so well worth it to make your food prep times shorter and without the additional frustration. 

The multi-use tin opener is far more than an ordinary tin-opener, this multifunctional device will easily open cans or tins with a ring pull, pressure sealed bottle caps, open tins, lift tin lids and open stubborn jar lids.

For those of you with a weaker grip, disability, or if you’re recuperating from an injury, the large easy-grip lever makes for easier turning requiring less physical effort and being large enough to enable easier leverage.

But what about those larger tasks in your kitchen, the ones that take much of your time and effort when you’re preparing food?

Well, that’s when the Kitchen Workstation, comes into its own! Essentially ‘an extra pair of hands’ to make meal prep faster, safer and much easier.

When preparing fresh vegetables like carrots, potatoes, broccoli and cabbage that requires slicing, grating, dicing or chopping, the Kitchen Workstation has a number of functions that help to grip the vegetables in place enabling the easier action and much faster preparation times. 

The kitchen Workstation takes much of the stress out of that initial ingredient preparation that can be difficult, especially when dealing with irregular shaped veg that’s hard to grip and slice through - even if you have good arm and wrist strength.

The workstation comes with attachments that enable the peeling and grating of veg and fruit, as the photo shows, further helping the easy prep of food, additional spikes can be used to hold items in place and stop them moving when you are trying to take a firm grip.


Not dissimilar to the Kitchen Workstation, the Swedish Fix It Food Preparation Board is a particularly handy aid in the kitchen, and especially when it comes to making meal preparation easier, so it’s easier to select and use healthier ingredients, instead of grabbing the nearest unhealthy ready-meal.


This aid helps in so many ways and will be sure to be a favourite cooking and baking aid to help speed up the more mundane aspects of cooking, essentially giving you more control and making food preparation all the more safer and enjoyable.


The handy food preparation board comes with four non-slip rubber feet to prevent it from moving. Suction pads are also provided for use on wet surfaces.


We hope you’ve seen a couple of ideas here that could work in your kitchen, of course this is just a small selection from the many hundreds of Daily living Aids that are available for food preparation.


You will also find that our range of Daily Living Aids cater for many other scenarios in the home, garden or when travelling.

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