Continence care - helping you live your life to the full

Continence care - helping you live your life to the full
Continence care - helping you live your life to the full

Suffering incontinence can be a stressful condition, even when it's just mild symptoms it can really play on your mind and affect your self-esteem, confidence and your willingness to take on new opportunities and stay active.

It’s a shame to think that so many people are missing out on living the life they deserve, due to symptoms that, these days, can so easily be controlled.

It’s the case that so many times, there is a ‘soldier on’ mentality where incontinence is concerned and it means that people will generally not even admit to themselves how its taking a hold and starting to limit the things the feel they will and won’t do - often not even taking the time to research a solution, or even mention it to their GP for feeling ashamed and embarrassed.

Activities and opportunities to get out and socialise are then severely limited, and this means a potential lack of socialising, exercise and getting out of the house.

Things that would have been second nature, like cycling, running, going to the gym, horse-riding and many other hobbies and activities are often ruled out by the incontinence sufferer, due to the potential embarrassment of having a leak in public.

They will often increasingly shun these sorts of activities, but unfortunately closing themselves down from having a full and enjoyable life.

The fact is that at some point in our lives, most of us, to some degree or another, will suffer from varying degrees of incontinence and in truth, it’s really time to take the embarrassment from the subject and move forward.

Women often find that after childbirth their continence can be affected, to this can be women anywhere from 20 - 45. Other people may suffer after certain types of surgery or medical conditions.

For men over 50, an enlarged prostrate can cause the urethra to not fully discharge urine, so a small amount is deposited after the fly is zipped up, which again, is a real confidence zapper in public places.

The NHS estimates that between 3 and 6 million people in the UK have some degree of urinary incontinence, so we are talking a lot of people with this condition.

Also, that in the UK "major faecal incontinence" affects 1.4% of the general population over 40 years old.

What can help to manage incontinence?

The really good news is that there are many, many products on the market that can help the incontinence sufferer properly manage their individual symptoms and get their life back on track.

At Mobility Smart, over the years we really have been amazed at how manufacturers have innovated and advanced continence care technology to where it is today, with state-of-the-art technical fabrics, super-high absorption gels, ergonomic discreet fitting garments and a full range of high-tech products to protect bedding and furniture.

In fact, the support and products available can help to a great degree IF the person with incontinence will admit there may be a problem and go on to seek a solution.

We know from our customer feedback that our range of disposable pull up pants have been enthusiastically received. These are a real game-changer for helping you get back to your sporting or social activities, as they really can remove that nagging feeling of doubt and insecurity.

Pull up pants are simple to use. Just choose the size, type and level of absorbency you feel you need and use straight from the pack! Then simply dispose of after use.

Think these will show through your jeans and normal clothing, think again. We receive regular feedback that customers have been amazed at how actually discreet these pants are, again reinforcing dignity and confidence and a person’s willingness to get active and social again.

We have a wide range of types and from leading brands such as Tena and Senset and other top manufacturers. We only select the best.

Another concern for incontinence sufferers is odour, and this again, can be a great concern, causing a lot of stress and worry in public places and with company, that they are emitting an unpleasant odour.

This particular stress point is quickly alleviated with our modern continence care range. All our pants, pull-ups, all in ones and stand-alone pads come with superb odour protection that’s scientifically proven not to let out any odours giving a high degree of peace of mind to users.

For those choosing to use disposable incontinence pads there is a vast range of options, again from a stable of top brands, bringing versatile and high level protection right across the range.

Our manufacturers span a range of price-points and features, but all with exceptional quality and performance as a standard.

For some incontinence sufferers, or maybe for those caring for elderly sufferers there may be a need for additional protection for bedding and furniture in the home or the professional environment.

For this we have products, such as washable chair pads and washable bed pads that are supremely effective in the level of protection and absorbency they provide.

These are also a great addition if you have children who wet the bed, giving both them and your bedding a feeling of greater comfort and security as well as a high level of moisture and odour protection, further promoting peace of mind.

Incontinence wipes and dry wipes offer an easy and convenient cleansing solution that’s gentle and moisturising. Dry wipes offer the same cleansing effectiveness when partnered with cleansing foams and body washes.

These wipes provide a high degree of absorbency and help to maintain a high level of hygiene, as well as adding to levels of dignity and self-confidence.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this article and that we have helped you to realise that there are many solutions to your incontinence, whether its just mild, medium or heavier. All are very easy to deal with to give you your life back.

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