Caring for Mobility Scooter Batteries - a simple guide

Caring for Mobility Scooter Batteries - a simple guide

As the power unit for your mobility scooter, it makes very good sense to take proper care of your battery and to ensure its correct use to ensure you are getting the best possible, power, duration and time between recharging.

If cared for properly from the beginning, your mobility scooter battery can be a trouble-free component of your scooter, allowing you to simply enjoy using, however, that said there are a number of useful guidance points to get you on the right track.

Charge time - Getting a FULL charge!

Firstly, when it comes to charging your battery, it is very important to charge for the right amount of time, so that the battery can maximise its power. This applies for EVERY time the scooter has been used, even if just for a short journey.

12 hours is the necessary minimum charge time for a scooter battery, any less than this and the battery performance over time will reduce and eventually diminish to become unusable.

In some cases, users are simply unaware that the battery needs this full charge and remove it early, (especially as sometimes the green light can display before 12 hours is fully up!)

The golden rule is that the battery should always be stored full and no less than 12 hours, no matter what the temptation to remove it early!

Charging when your device is in storage

When the device is in storage, then the minimum charge time is different! That being a minimum charge of 24 hours, every 14 days. Again it is vital here that the charger is not removed before the 24 hours is up as the battery will not have received its full charge (even if the green light pops on before the 24 hours has elapsed).

How it could affect your warranty!

Our advanced battery diagnostics can detect when the charging schedules have been compromised and the readings are very accurate! This can then lead to warranties becoming void if it is clear that manufacturer’s instructions have not been carefully followed.

Of course, we don’t want customers to have to come back with problems so it is very important at the outset that instructions are understood and followed. We are always on-hand to help and advise on our telephone and email address you will find on our website.

As mentioned at the start of this article, if looked after properly your battery should really not be a problem and give you many miles of trouble free performance. We hope the few pointers above will help towards you getting the very best from yours!

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