Best aids to help recuperation and recovery

Best aids to help recuperation and recovery
Best aids to help recuperation and recovery

The combination of lighter spring evenings, and the nation finally heading towards a full relaxation of lockdown restrictions means that many of us are beginning to venture out again and taking part in sports, hobbies and exercise pursuits.

it all sounds great, but it doesn’t take long for the old niggles and injuries to make an unwelcome return, as we call on our bodies to undertake the greater number of activities outside the home.

So if the worst should happen, be that a new injury or the re-occurrence of an existing complaint, what’s out there to help us to get back out there in the shortest possible time? 

The world of mobility aids does not fall short when it comes to providing for any periods of recuperation and recovery. 

There are many types of product that are specially designed to help for the assistance in the recovery of many types of injuries, aches and strains for all parts of the body.

Looking at some of the most common culprits for physical injuries, it’s no surprise to know that our joints and muscles that take on the brunt of the potential harm.

But the good news, is that the sheer range of supports, splints, wraps and devices available, is almost a match for the number of things that can go wrong.

One of the most common injuries is to the knees and ankles, this runs in tandem with the fact that cycling, running and taking part in physical team sports involves the joints of the lower limbs taking on weight in all directions and aggravating injury-prone areas.

Add to this the often rotational forces on these joints and you have the perfect recipe for a potential strain or something much worse. 

Knee supports are a great reliever of pain and discomfort and allow for a good range of motion whilst the affected area is recuperating and recovering. 

A typical example of a popular knee support is the Vulkan Knee Support this Neoprene based knee support provides a firm and precise support to the whole joint to enable recovery in a lightweight application, yet enabling a good range of motion to allow for normal activities to be resumed in the shortest possible time. These supports are often the choice of seasoned professional athletes who need the very best support for any areas of potential injury concern. The Vulkan knee support is easily washable and reusable, so provides exceptionally good value. 

Ankle and foot supports are also an invaluable addition and are often the go-to for doctors and physios who recognise the value of early intervention into the prevention or recovery of minor ankle injuries before they develop further, or solutions to more serious and longer-term injuries.

Plantar Fasciitis injuries are typical of an injury to the foot that some describe as like walking on top of a golf ball and very painful. 

A useful support for this condition is the Neo G Plantar Fasciitis Ankle Support, that provides support directly to the affected area of the foot and ankle, so allowing the faster healing of the joint, whilst being also lightweight, fully breathable and flexible. The integrated anatomic silicone heel cushioning helps provide impact protection, support and aims to alleviate heel and arch pain. 

Aside from this particular common complaint, there are many other potential injuries to both the ankles and feet or the knee joints, these may range from something relatively minor like a small bruised area to something needing direct medical intervention and longer term care.

This is where a range of other Orthopaedic supports comes into play, Orthopaedic supports cover a wide range of supports that can help recovery in so many ways, yet are also very useful in prevention of further injury, or progression of a niggle into something worse. 

Typical of one such device is the Vulkan Universal back support. This innovative and lightweight support has been designed with the everyday user in mind, right up to the professional athlete. 

Often, what can start as an injury or mild strain in the ankles and knees can progress to the back, as the strong muscles of the back seek to compensate for the injured area and quickly become burnt out themselves.

This is where the back support can be so useful as a mobility product. The Vulkan Universal back support works to support the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the back, particularly in the lumbar area to alleviate pain and discomfort.


So there you have an insight into a few of the options available to help in recovery and recuperation if you’ve taken things a little too far in your attempts to reconnect with nature and exercise.

If you’d like to explore a much greater range of supports to help you keep fit and active and injuries at bay, check out our full range of knee supports, ankle and foot supports or orthopaedic supports

Enjoy your exercise and getting back out there and most of all stay safe and have fun!

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