FREE Battery Recycling

Under the Waste Battery Regulations, Mobility Smart are now offering a take back scheme for all portable waste batteries purchased from us. You can return your waste batteries to our business premises in person (PLEASE DO NOT POST).

Alternatively, you can find your local waste portable battery recycling facility at Most supermarkets and shops that sell batteries will have collection bins for used batteries, and some town halls, libraries or schools may also set up collection points. End-users may find stores in their local area more accessible.

Mobility Smart will also Recycle all car & mobility scooter batteries for free!

Call 0845 868 8612 for drop off details.

Mobility & Auto Battery Disposal / Recycling

This is a free service Mobility Smart offers to everyone not just their existing customers.

We are able to recycle / dispose of industrial batteries such as VRLA, SLA, Alarm batteries, UPS Batteries, Car, Van, Commercial, Motorbike, Mobility batteries etc at our shop, regardless of where they were bought originally. For more information on this service contact us on 0845 868 8612

For industrial Lead based batteries : we offer to dispose of SLA, VRLA, Car, Van and other Lead based batteries free of charge.

Unfortunately we don't currently recycle industrial Ni-Cd / Ni-Mh batteries.